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Tunable sound eye "ivory"

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Tunable sound eye

The Klangauge (sound eye) is a slit drum made ​​of metal with pentatonic tuning. Also Steeltonguedrum or simply called steel drum.
Similar to a bowl, also with a full overtone, with only eight different shades.
The result is an instrument with a completely unique character. tunability:
The mood of the sound eye is made ​​by the magnet to the underside of the tongue. Thus, every note to be tuned as needed.
Moreover, the sound eye be swayed tunable between two different scales.
It is possible to realize two moods:
F-major pentatonic or E minor pentatonic scale.
A detailed voice instructions are included with the sound eye.
You can choose when purchasing your desired mood, this change at any time to access each other!
Dimensions and weight:
Diameter: 30 cm, height: 16 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg

E-Moll Soundsample

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