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Monolini MO-21D

599,00 EUR
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Product no.: F1150035940
Shipping: ca. 2-3 weeks ca. 2-3 weeks (abroad may vary)
Monolini MO-21D

Everyone can play this small and lightweight monochord at once.
It is perfect for working with children and for theraphist who travel and need an instrument that can be transported easily. 
Because of it light weight you can place it onto the body of a person , child or grownup and play it in this position. The melodic sound and vibration will be transported into the body and sooth and release tension.
Monochord with 11 overtone strings, 5 bass and 5 fifth strings
Accessories: tuner, Tuning key, replacement strings, 2 sticks
accessories in velvet bag

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