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Borsa Anta (bag to hang on the door)

175,90 EUR
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Product no.: 9006
Shipping: ca. 2-3 weeks ca. 2-3 weeks (abroad may vary)
Borsa Anta (bag to hang on the door)

Convenient bag to hang on the door with 23 instruments or instrument pairs.


2 pairs of claves
1 Holzröhrentrommel roundwood
2 Holzröhrentrommeln with small roundwood
1 Guiro with Scraper small
1 Schellenstab with 1 pair of clamps
1 Schellenstab with 2 pairs of jingles
2 Handle Castanets
2 pairs of maracas small
1 pair of finger cymbals
1 pair of 15cm basin with loops
1 pair of 20cm basin with loops
1 tambourine 15cm
1 hand drum 21cm
1 Tambourine 25cm
1 Triangle 10cm with mallet
1 Triangle 15cm with mallet
1 bell wreath with 5 bells
1 bell bar with 3 bells
1 bell rod with 5 bells

Dimensions: 43x39x20cm folded

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